Reaching for Higher Consciousness

Reaching for Higher Consciousness

To the Seeker of Higher Spiritual Truths

Are you searching for secret spiritual truths,
for higher consciousness?

Have you been searching
for ways and means to
get beyond what is offered in the world
about the inner walk back to God?

I too, searched for about 9 years
finding what I had been looking for
during my entire life.

As a baby I began my search, going from arm to arm of the adults
looking for a face I knew I would recognize immediately.

Unfortunately, I did not find that person
until my late twenties.
They had already moved on to higher realms.
However, their twin complement, their twin flame
remained and continued to
teach and impart wisdom and
higher spiritual truths for many more years.

I am so grateful I found this path.

And now, four decades later,
I want to share with you
secrets and teachings from
The Ascended Masters.

I believe with every particle of my being
the Ascended Masters
are our best friends,
our greatest teachers,
and have given to us
the knowledge we need
to win our ascension –
which means we get off
the merry-go-round of rebirth and reincarnation.

Are You Ready for Change?

Do you want to Explore
New Realities of a Unique Spiritual Path?

Are You Ready To be Empowered
to Connect Your Inner World with your Outer World?

About Us

Reaching for Higher Consciousness

The western culture does not recognize or 
encourage the growth of the spiritually aware soul.

It is only recently with the opening of the door of opportunity to learn the highest Teachings from our dearest friends, the Ascended Masters,
 that we now can expand our awareness and truly grow as spiritual beings.

new reality

Shift Your Paradigm

Experience a new Reality of
Higher Consciousness

so you become the person
God wants you to be.

inner divinity

Inspirational Teachings

Contact your Inner Divinity;
How to reach cosmic consciousness
& grow in spiritual awareness.


Tools for Transformation

How to be balanced;
Increase your light body
& transcend your world.

Why Choose Us:

Step onto the Path

Follow Your Heart’s Intuition

Become Who You are Meant to Be

Reaching for Higher Consciousness Webinars Help You:

  • Walk your Spiritual Path Learning True Teachings;
  • Access Higher Consciousness Using Secret Wisdom from 
the Masters to Guide you & to Teach you;
  • Use Synergistic Techniques for Expanding Consciousness;
  • Learn Essential Teachings to Transform Yourself…

Enjoy These Free Videos

Secrets to Mastering Your Thoughts

Mastering your thoughts & feelings requires discipline. Are you ready?

Keynote to Our Messenger

A keynote ties you to the Electronic Presence of the Master. You too, have a keynote. Do you know what it is?

Heart Head Hand Decree

Give this decree daily to win your ascension! It contains everything you need.


What People Are Saying

“I would like to testify to the power of the spoken Word in my personal life… I urge anyone who wants to achieve a certain goal–if it is God’s will–and who does not have the means (financial or otherwise) to accomplish it, to do a vigil to Archangel Michael with his rosary until the situation is resolved. I can tell you it works!”

A Lifelong student
Philadelphia, PA

“My sense of self should not come from outer relationships but from the God within. His love in action, outpictured in his friendship to my soul, gave me this understanding.”

In Gratitude, I AM

San Francisco, CA

“Far too many souls have become complacent about their spiritual path. They either have taken it for granted or become preoccupied with desires taking them further away from God. Wake up!  You really have no idea what it takes!”

To the Light in your heart,

Texas, USA

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